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Founded in 2002 by Sam Hastings, Pro fish chum is backed with many years of fishing experience. Living on the water in Crystal River Florida we fish both freshwater and saltwater. The Crystal River flows out to the Gulf of Mexico. We can catch Redfish, Tarpon and Bass to name a few right off our dock.

Pro fish chum provides top-notch vacuum sealed fish chum kits along with great customer support - a combination that can't be beat!

Through our commitment, experience, and expertise Pro fish chum has established a fishing relationship with our customers that will last a lifetime!

Being a third generation Floridian living on the Florida coast for over 45 years near both fresh and saltwater, I have fished many different ways. I've had to use my time on the water wisely to catch fish.  My Grandfather and Father always used some type of fish chum and so have I.  The problem with frozen chum is it must be on ice or in a freezer before you use it. You don't always need it and so you have to try and save it, putting it in your cooler and then your freezer for the next time or throw it out which is a waste.  Unfortunately, I've done this many times.  And, if you use a chum grinder, you have to catch or buy something to grind and this method is not as concentrated or as long lasting as our Pro fish chum kits.  Not to mention the time, aggravation and mess.

That's why I've been using these Pro fish chum blends for years.  Each kit is complete and ready to use. Each comes with our special self-regulating slotted mesh chum bag/clip, chum blend of your choice all of which is vacuum sealed and Patented.  You can take this Pro fish chum kit anywhere at any time no ice or refrigeration.

I ask fishermen all the time at the marinas near by if they caught any fish, and I get a lot of no's. So of course I ask them if they used any type of fish chum, again I get a lot of no's.  I ask why not, you have a killer boat, a killer truck to pull it with, the best fishing poles, the biggest cooler I have ever seen full of food, drinks, beer, ice, everything cold you could think of, all in the name of fishing, but you don't use or have fish chum. Most say it cost too much. Fish chum should be third on your fishing list after fishing tackle and bait.

 I asked one guy at our boat ramp one day if they caught any fish and he said no. I asked if he used chum and he said no but a fish did grab part of a bologna sandwich his son tossed in the water.  Let me just say I've caught  bass with a bologna string and a hook many times, but I would never, never, I mean never waste a good bologna sandwich on any fish.

  The best and most rewarding times in my life were fishing with my family and friends. You just never know what’s going to happen next.  If it’s a child catching his/her first fish or an old friend catching his first bull Redfish that’s what I live for. The excitement in their eyes, the adrenaline in my blood makes my day.  The fishing pictures I have are worth more to me then the house I live in. Talking about fish tales I have many, some happy and some sad.

 With that said the absolutely worst times in my life was fishing with family or friends and no one catches a fish.  The boat ride home is miserable, no one talks, every one is sad and then the next thing you know someone gets seasick. You know, I don’t think I've ever brought a sick person home when we’ve caught a boat load of fish. I wonder why that is. They are always singing and dancing in the boat. Then they start telling me their fishing stories over and over again. I have to calm them down. I remind them that I was there and that we’re not even home yet. But is doesn’t matter they tell me anyway. Hell, I have old friends that are still telling me the same old fish stories years later. Only now they say they were with someone else. They have forgotten it was me and now their tales are longer and the fish are bigger.

Good Luck and don’t forget a camera.





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