PRO FISH CHUM since 2002
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1-lb Freshwater Blend: Great for all freshwater fish and saltwater mullet. You can hang   
                                it on the side of your boat or dock.

1-lb Inshore Saltwater Blend: Great for all saltwater fish 1/2 day fishing. Designed for   
                                          shallow waters with depths up 30' and strong currents.       designed for inshore fishing around docks, piers, bridges, flats, cuts or anywhere there is  strong currents. Also the Inshore Blend 2-lb kit is recommended for trolling and drifting Offshore.

2-lb Inshore Saltwater Blend: Same as above and recommended for trolling. Use this kit   for all day fishing.

1-lb Offshore Saltwater Blend: Great for all saltwater BOTTOM fish. Designed for deeper waters. The difference between Inshore and Offshore kits is that the Offshore Blend has more solids that sink to the bottom faster. You may lower this kit down but a cage must be used or something will surly rip it apart.

2-lb Offshore Saltwater Blend: Same as above but last longer.

2-lb Secret Inshore Time release kits:

2-lb Secret Offshore Time release Kits:

2-lb Secret Inshore/ Offshore special packet Kits:


 10-lb Inshore Blend complete bucket kit, come with 2 special chum bags, a scoop and for a limited time 1 special oil packet:

10-lb Offshore Blend complete bucket kit, comes with 2 special chum bags, a scoop and for a limited time 1 special oil packet.

5-lb Tournament Grade Kits made to order: This premium tournament grade goes through a second special process just for the winning tournament edge. Designed for heavy chumming or trolling. Expands to over 20 lb after a few minunts in the water.

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