PRO FISH CHUM since 2002
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Special kits



Pro Fish Chum has always been on the leading edge of un-refrigerated packaged fish chum and so is the best in the world. With over 40 years of Florida waters fishing experience and having to spend our time on the water wisely (after full time jobs) Pro Fish Chum patented products were developed. Now this wise leading edge innovation has done it again with two new products that others will surely try and copy. You've seen it here first 1/31/08.

  These two kits are coved under our patent rights. Both innovated secret concepts enhance Pro Fish Chum and will change the un-refrigerated packaged fish chum forever. We won't disclose anymore info on this except on this webpage. We will not release any pictures either.  You can only order theses premium kits here on this website.

(1) The first one is our Time Released special oil caplets that come inside our patented 2-LB vacuum sealed Pro Fish Chum kits. These special caplets will dissolve releasing oils inside the chum kit as water currents and temperature permits. With these oil burst, some floats away making an awesome oil slick and some stays inside the chum bag clinging to the chum.       This happens over and over again and again until all oil caplets are dissolved. Then you still have our special chum left over, releasing our already oily chum.

(2) The second secret kit has our Special Oil in a Packet that comes inside our chum kit. You simply open the vacuum pouch take out the special oil packet, rip the side open, squirt it inside the vacuum pouch on the special chum bag and chum, roll the vacuum pouch between your hands a few times and then drop it in the water. You won't believe the instant oil slick.

These kits last for hours depending on water temperature and currents.



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