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Powerful, patented Chum Kits for every fishing situation.

All fishermen know that Chum works to attract fish. They also know that making and storing Chum is an inconvenient, expensive, smelly mess. That's why Pro Fish Chum has created a patented, controlled release formula that is vacuum sealed - so no mess, no smell, no ice, no mixing and most importantly, NO HASSLE!


The easy way to improve the odds on your next fishing trip.

Spend your time fishing, not dealing with chum. Just tear open the bag, use the clip that's included to attach it to a rope and drop it overboard. You'll immediately see our specially formulated chum create a fish attracting oil slick on the water.


Try Pro Fish Chum on your next fishing trip

The 2 pound Pro Fish Chum Kit should last for most of a day. (Depends on current and water temps)

The Inshore Chum Blend works great for water depths up to 20 feet, dispersing chum throughout the water column.

The Offshore Chum Blend can be dangled alongside your boat or put in a chum cage that sinks to the deeper water (A cage is recommended because  Snapper and other aggressive fish love Pro Fish Chum and  will attack an unprotected chum bag). Either way, you'll get a great oil slick and fish attracting chum will be released throughout the water column.